Valparaiso Municipal Election


This year in Valparaiso four candidates qualified to run for the two City Commission seats up for election. The Bay Beacon covered the race on 15 Jan. The Beacon also noted that Valparaiso will continue to hold its municipal elections in March.

League sent a brief questionnaire to all the qualified candidates asking them to outline their priorities and goals if elected or re-elected. All the responses are included in this E-Voter, so voters can compare the candidates’ views and opinions. Links to Facebook and campaign websites are provided, if available.

Kay Hamilton

What do you see as the top issues affecting Valparaiso in the next four years?

Moving forward with the revitalization of Valparaiso is essential to our city. Citizens deserve city and business services that meet their needs. To meet this expectation, home rebuilding and roadway improvements must be managed in a manner that accommodates growth yet preserves the integrity of our small city environment. Change and growth in our population gives us an incentive to step up our efforts to improve business vitality, to sustain professional police and fire services, to deliver top notch internet access, and to maintain accessible parks and docks. My work on the Council has laid the groundwork for these initiatives, and I am determined to see them succeed.

What are your qualifications for office?

In addition to my work as a City Commissioner, many residents know me as the Director of Operations for the Compass Rose Restaurant and for Doc’s Oyster Bar. I also have served many homeowners as the President of Kay Lynn Industries Inc., a building and home contracting business. I arrived in Valparaiso as a military spouse 21 years ago, and I stayed on to raise my children, build my business, and take on responsibility for making this city one of America’s best small towns. My father was career Air Force, and between growing up as a military dependent and being the partner to my career Air Force husband, I have lived in locations all across the United States, Europe, and the Far East. While in Washington DC I served as Senior Vice President of McLean Financial, a financial underwriting company. This and other professional and educational endeavors helped me acquire the business acumen needed to become a successful resident and business operator in Valparaiso. My background gives me a unique perspective of Valparaiso in the world, in the United States, and in the hearts of those who call it home. I have a deep appreciation for our city and for the residents who work with me to make this a great place to live and prosper.

Rebecca R. Koelzer

What do you see as the top issues affecting Valparaiso in the next four years?

No response received as of 16 Feb.

What are your qualifications for office?

Coming soon.