Legislative Interviews

The Florida League needs your help to acquaint your legislators with your local League and its members, to inform them about legislative priorities for Florida, and to obtain information for the state League’s professional and volunteer lobbyists.

LWVF would like you to visit the offices of your senator and representative to get an idea of where they stand on issues of concern to the League. The 2019 session will begin on March 5th, and your legislators are already preparing for it with numerous orientation and committee meetings. It won’t be easy to find them at their local offices for interviews before the session begins, so be sure to call first and schedule your visit.

Find your legislators’ local offices and follow these steps:

  • Make appointments to meet with your legislators or one of their staffers in person.
  • Always take another League member to the interview, so one of you can take notes.
  • Choose those questions from the 2019 interview packet that you think are most relevant to your community.
  • If requested, send a copy of the 2019 LWVF Legislative Priorities and selected questions to your legislator(s).
  • If you can’t get an appointment due to scheduling conflicts, ask your legislator to complete and return the questionnaire. He/she can mail it to the local League or you can stop by to pick it up and discuss it with a staffer.
  • In any case, return the completed interview form to LWVF by February 28th.

Always conduct your interviews in pairs. It’s both easier and a little less intimidating that way, as one of you can engage the legislator while the other takes notes. If you want company, contact us and we’ll find you a sidekick!